George Manolis

George Manolis, known as the “Geeman” in industry circles, inspires and motivates Corporate Teams and Individuals into action. The “Geeman” has had extensive experience giving sales teams a “Gee up”, and does this by using interactive seminars and workshops to put across his message of sales success.

What people are saying...

What business people in Australia are saying about George Manolis and his seminars:“What an impact you made! Everyone came away from the day energized, enthusiastic and motivated!

Catherine Cole, Team Leader, Corporate Traveler
The day was great!
Your Keynote was excellent!
The audience thought you were exceptional!
Your presentation on the screen was Magnificent!
You are always on Fire!
You really brought some new ideas to the audience

Liz Neary, Global Plus (Colonial Kick start Conference)

“Wanted to thank you for the terrific effort you put into our sales training at the Carlton Crest. You picked up every point from our brief and executed it so well. The points you made and the way you made them were very memorable. The changes in the attitudes of some of the personnel since the training has been quite dramatic. We appreciate the difference you have made to our organization and look forward to working with you again... More

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